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The use of rugged tablet in the field of aviation

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Proper maintenance of aircraft and its component, is an important guarantee for the safe and successful operation of airlines. Aircraft hangar is a large site for maintenance and repair. Safe and reliable maintenance work needs to be supported by stable and reliable electronic equipment. These devices can improve the speed of daily work, ensure the smooth completion of the work, free from the impact of local mainstream weather conditions.

Aircraft maintenance includes inspection, maintenance and fix, all work must conform to standard operating procedures. Also included in the maintenance process, technicians need to carry a large number of paper documents with them. If there is no suitable equipment, proper machine, technicians need to get on and off the aircraft several times during the maintenance to check the fault, obtain information and documents .With the tablet, technicians are now able to know the reported problems in advance. So as to solve the problem at one time. In addition, in the original process, technicians need to return to the office before they can print the completed work report. The whole process will not only consume a lot of time, but also lead to more complex work and prone to deviations.

The car-mounted base of the ST11 tablet can be placed in the front seat of the car, so that technicians can grasp the problem dynamics in advance, so as to deal with the problem in the first time.

This equipment has passed the IP65 certification, and can better withstand the vibration, moisture, dust and temperature changes in the airport environment. Vehicle pedestal and built-in 4G communication can help technicians to know and deal with problems in the first time. The device is also equipped with serial port function, Which can realize flexible data transmission from the device to the server, and ensure the efficient execution of maintenance work .Car hold charger and build-in 4G module, can help the worker to find trouble and soft it at once. It also equipped with partial port, can realize data transmit from device to the server, ensuring maintenance work finished affectively.

ST11 tablets function was described as bellow:

1.       Android 7.0 and windows 10 optional.

2.       10.1 inch 1920*1200 solution, 450 nits and AG protector sunshine readable LCD.

3.       RAM/ROM 3GB/32GB, RAM/ROM 4GB/64GB optional.

4.       8400+2100=10500mAh hot swap battery

5.       4G LTE/WiFi/GPS/BT/NFC

6.       RJ45, RS232/TTL, USB, micro USB, DC, microphone interface.

7.       2D barcode and fingerprint optional.

8.       Bottom and back pogo pin, provide USB and TTL extend.

9.       Have HF 13.56MHz, will have LF125KHz, UHF 900 Mhz.

10.   Size:273*180*18mm

11.   Support leather USB pogo pin keyboard.

ST11 tablet can effectively improve the overall efficiency, accuracy and punctuality of ground and air work. It can receive real-time information reliably and timely, which is helpful to work faster. Technicians can simplify maintenance with less errors and higher accuracy. In this way, maintenance and maintenance work is highly optimized, and efficiency and effectiveness are also improved.

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