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i5 windows Rugged Tablet PC customization service

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Rugged Tablet PC customization service


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The rugged tablet PC is different from the general tablet PC. The configuration from the external structure to the related protection measures can make it suitable for special operating environment, has the characteristics of environmental tolerance and efficient and reliable computing performance, and its application fields are very wide. , Can be applied to telecommunications network, power installation engineering, multimedia systems, national defense security, medical equipment, automated machinery, app mobile client, PLC and POS communication, operation of mobile smart terminals, environmental testing, network security, logistics, express management, etc. Application platform management, many applications require customized services from rugged tablet manufacturers.


The design and production of customized rugged tablet computers are based on customer needs and meet their individual needs. Sincoole Technology uses Intel multi-core processors to create a new touch rugged tablet computer. The product panel is IP65, IP67 or other protection grades. It has the characteristics of anti-drop, waterproof, dustproof and so on. Support multiple signal input, Gigabit Ethernet/WIFI/3G/4G network, multiple expansion interfaces, independent dual display. The product integrates a sound card, supports human-computer interaction, has high integration, low power consumption, and high performance. Can provide hardware support for various application areas. Sincoole can customize various sizes according to customer needs, such as 5.5", 8", 10.1", 12" three-proof tablet, and can customize hardware interfaces, various appearances, and silk screen logos for customers to meet customer needs in various application scenarios .

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