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Points for attention while using for Rugged tablet

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Say concretely, there are three points for attention while use it.

1.       Should turn down the Preparatory lamp tube

Most strengthened plate are using Preparatory lamp tube as the display lighting tube. If it's working for a long time, it will ageing easily. To solve the problem we should try to turn down the light of the Preparatory lamp. Please try not to put heavy things on it while not using, although it has a very strong shell it will distorts.

2.       Please do not touch the liquid crystal screen casually

The reinforcement of strengthened plate was always refer to external and structural part, the liquid crystal screen cant be strengthened .So while operate please avoid using hard point the liquid crystal screen. If the liquid crystal screen attached sunshine for a long time, it will ageing rapidly. Our suggestion is using it in where sunshine cannot reach.

3.       Please cleaning the liquid crystal screen in the right way.

If the liquid crystal screen was dirty, please do not wipe it with alcohol or other liquid. Because alcohol may easily corrodes the screen. You should use moist and fiber cloth specially used to wipe the screen to clean it. And you should wipe in one direction.

Above is the three point for attention. In addition, although strengthened plates are waterproof. Try not to put it in a damp place, because the screen still need to be maintained. If is always be affected with damp, it will cause screen corrosion and inflict more serious damage. We should try to prevent it happen. 

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