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8 inch removable battery android 7.0 rugged tablet

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8 inch removable android 7.0 rugged tablet coming, it has removable battery and perfect industrial designing.

ST800 rugged tablet, designed base on MT6753, and had run android 7.0 on it, and support Google GMS on it. and also it also can support 4G LTE, WIFI, GPS, BT and NFC. and also it included G-sensor and optics sensor.

in industrial area, ST800 had designed hand strap, NFC is on the back, but it is not under the hand strap, it is very convenient for the user, ST800 also had keep pogoin designing, have pogopin on the back and bottom, the user can extend the function through these pogoin, can charge by docking, and extend USB and TTL by these pogopin.

very good and industrial rugged tablet


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